NINA TSY (Nina Tsybolskaia) is an architect and researcher based in Northern Norway, Alta. In 2019 she received a master’s degree from the Oslo Academy of the Arts and in the same year received the prize in the nomination in Best Talent Award; Designers Saturday Oslo. Currently, she works at Haldde Arkitekter and is one of the founders Keramikkfamilien.


Her work as an interior architect and artisan allows for creating an open dialogue between tactility, design, and art in the ratio of scale of the body and the space around.

Ninas' works are interdisciplinary and invite the interaction of different disciplines with each other, where there is a subtle contact between space and craft that goes beyond the material and the body.

IIA KO (Nataliia Korotkova) is an interdisciplinary artist and researcher based in Oslo. One of the most important aspects of her artistic practice is an exploration of the environment. For her research, Nataliia turns to the ethnography of the place through the archaism of the locality, texts, and the memory of generations. Immersion in folklore and anthropology of movement allows her to find spaces for rethinking artistic performative methods in the context of the collective memory of a space. 

She manifests her research projects through experimental para-archives, audio-visual narrations, sound and performance, accompanied by artistic books, graphics and diverse forms of essays. She graduated from The Oslo National Academy in 2019. In 2022, Nataliia received a Japanese government scholarship for: (Un)mute performance: Developing an artistic methodology for ontological instruments based on the history of sound art in Japan (1980-2000).