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Singing Memory


In a conversation with one of the residents of Sørøya, we learned that some of the "caves" were covered with wooden panels or beams to protect themselves from the wind and keep warm inside. This became the basis material for translating the narration into a chant for the future opera of memory. These are fragments of a chant for a workshop with opera students, the size of the wooden panels varies, which allows the voice to follow the graphics of the narration and change its timbre.

Listening and obeying opened up the possibility for us to immerse ourselves through our own bodies, creating that very echo inside the landscape. An echo that resonates across distances. Memories were intertwined with physical experience, an experience that allowed just being. Our material is stored in our touches, our narrative resonates through every step, and our traces remain in the locality, gently erasing them from the surface. We coexist with the island, listening to the soil, and we become temporary residents of the place that is inside. 

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